A visit from the God Squad

Original story published on El Estoque Online

After their mission trip to King City in March, this small group of MVHS students decided to take their faith to school. They sit behind the swimming pool during brunch every Tuesday and Thursday and talk about everything from rally setup to AP Tests — then, they pray. This group is united not only by their school but also by their faith. From hanging out whenever they can to asking each other to prom, these students found their best friends in each other. And they call themselves God Squad.

I decided to follow this church group after attending one of the member’s birthday party. There I saw them pray before dinner and cheer “God Squad” passionately while we were playing nerf gun capture the flag.

And since then, I went to Tuesday/Thursday brunches, a couple of small groups and Sunday morning church for a month. It was definitely an experience for me to really use video for the first time, get to know all these people so well and actually learn what religion can look like.

But this isn’t about me. I made a 16 minute documentary on a group of church kids and I really think you should check it out. These students immersed themselves in their church community. Look below for what that experience means to them.

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