Purple and Gold Pride: Basketball quad night at Lynbrook HS

Purple and Gold Pride: Basketball quad night at Lynbrook HS

While the rain poured outside, students continued to file in for LHS’s first quad night on Feb. 6. Soaking, they walked carefully so they wouldn’t slip on the gym floor. The janitors were on stand-by with towels in hand to run on to the court and dry wet spots. The Vikings’ student section filled one half of the stands and had organized cheers, using their mouths, hands and umbrellas to show their support. And despite the rain and the trip over, the other half of the bleachers was filled with Matadors. After the last basketball night against LHS at home, MVHS students were ready to see their teams defeat their rivals again. Even though MVHS boys and girls basketball teams lost their games, the Matadors had a presence in the stands. And as the games grew closer and the bleachers grew louder, the MVHS and LHS teams’ rivalry became even more apparent.

Hover over each picture below to learn about MVHS fans at the game.

Photos by Malini Ramaiyer. Additional reporting by Alina Abidi.


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